Tips for Jewelry Care

Jewelry holds a special place in a woman’s heart. In fact, it forms one of the most appreciated accessories that any women would love to take good care of it. Toronto jewelry stores opine that taking good care of the baubles can help in keeping the trinket sparkling and look like brand new one. Moreover, a well-maintained bauble can be easily passed on to future generation as family heirloom.


Taking Good Care of Jewelry

Women are well-aware of the fact that some jewelry pieces are meant to be worn on everyday basis; whereas some are worn on special occasions. Still, trinkets require some extra care so that it can be worn for a long time as possible. In this way, the jewelry items can be kept in good condition and easily avoids it becoming grimy.

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Cleaning It Is Important

Jewelry lovers will accept the fact that regular cleaning of the trinket is important in order to avoid dust or grime from damaging and tarnishing the precious pieces. Whatever kind of trinket one owns, Toronto jewelry stores state that it can be easily kept at its best with some extra care and attention. Here, in this blog, you will get to learn about some cleaning tips which if followed can easily clean gold or silver or precious trinkets.

Gold and Diamond

According to Toronto jewelry stores, gold or diamond trinkets can be cleaned with the help of a mild detergent when mixed with warm water. The trinket needs to be soaked in this solution for few minutes. After that with the help of soft toothbrush, dirt needs to be removed. After removing from soapy water, it needs to be rinsed and dried.

Care should be taken not to expose gold trinkets to chemicals. Exposure to chemicals such as hair spray or lotion can easily damage gold trinkets. Thus, gold trinkets should be removed before using any chemicals.


SilverProfessional jewellery Toronto

Polishing cloth can be used for removing the tarnish that has settled on silver metal jewelry. The polishing cloth can be dipped into chemicals and rubbed over the surface that has become tarnished. While storing silver jewelry airtight container or ziplock bags can be used. It can prevent tarnishing of the jewelry when not in use.



Toronto jewelry stores claim that pearls if stored away can lose their luster and glow. However, it is important to take proper care of them. Care should be taken to keep pearls away from chemicals. Most importantly, dirt or grim on pearls should be cleaned with the help of soft cloth moistened with water.


Few Important Tips

  • In case, you plan to use ultrasonic cleaner, make sure that not all kind of gems or jewelry is cleaned with it.
  • Silver dip can be used if one wants to quickly remove the tarnish from sterling silver.
  • Soft gems like pearls are more prone to get scratched. So, soft make up brush can be used for removing dust.


If you are not confident about cleaning your jewelry, you can easily bring it to Toronto jewelry stores. The jewelers with wide range of tools can easily take good care of the trinkets and make it look as a brand new one.