Why do business with a mortgage broker?

The mortgage broker is a seasoned professional looking for mortgage financing. It is not affiliated with a financial institution or private lender, but it has a wealth of information on the most advantageous solutions on the market. He negotiates for you optimal borrowing conditions!

When dealing with a mortgage broker, you:

  • receive informed advice, depending on your situation, at each stage of obtaining your mortgage financing;
  • get a loan secured by custom real estate mortgage;
  • have access to several competing financial institutions
  • save time and money;
  • benefit from substantial rate reductions.

The mortgage broker enters into a large volume of transactions, which gives him excellent bargaining power. And the best in all this? In most cases, his services are free.

A solid knowledge of the market

The mortgage broker has the baggage to conclude your loan in the rules of the art. It has access to OACIQ training activities and must undergo mandatory training when requested by the organization. This gives you the confidence that you have the necessary skills to provide you with outstanding service.

Your interests in good hands

The mortgage broker is independent. He can negotiate an objective mortgage financing with several institutions.
To do this, he:

  • analyze your situation (credit rating, ability to borrow, employment income, debts, down payment)
  • presents you with a set of financial products and advises you on the one that suits you best;
  • prepare your file and present it to several lenders, which saves you a lot of tedious steps;
  • You find a loan in the best possible conditions.