Mortgage Broker

One of the many skills of your residential real estate broker is to know the basic principles of mortgage credit. For your financing needs, he can recommend the services of a mortgage broker.

Your real estate broker may also hold a permit allowing him to act, as much in real estate and commercial brokerage as in mortgage brokerage (full license).

So in some cases, and if he has the skills, he will be able to help you get the mortgage-backed financing you need.


When the appraiser’s expertise is required

The real estate broker establishes the market value of your property in order to market it properly. He can advise you on choosing a chartered appraiser if, for example, you are looking for a mortgage or are looking for insurance. The appraiser will estimate your property and write a detailed report for you.


To defend your property rights

Your real estate broker can guide you if there is litigation by recommending the assistance of legal counsel. Whether hidden defects, failure to fulfill a promise to purchase, problems of servitude or other, with a real estate broker, your interests are well protected!


For a certificate of location in good and due form

Did you know that before you put your property up for sale, your real estate broker checks the conformity of your certificate of location? This document is important because it reflects the condition of the building with respect to title deeds, cadastre, by-laws and laws. If adjustments are necessary, your real estate broker will suggest that you use a land surveyor, the only expert authorized to demarcate a property.


For an inspection that meets the standards

If you intend to submit a promise to purchase, your real estate broker will recommend that you call in a building inspector who:

  • holds professional liability insurance (errors and omissions);
  • uses a recognized inspection service agreement;
  • perform inspections in accordance with accepted standards of practice;
  • give you a detailed written report.

If you wish, your real estate broker can recommend home inspectors who meet these four criteria.


To end without worries one of the most important transactions of your life

Your real estate broker can assist you in all stages of your real estate process, even when signing the notarial deed of sale. You will have an expert at your side to conclude one of the most important transactions of your life.

The notary is the person responsible for the drafting of the mortgage deed and the contract of sale. He will carry out several checks before the official signature:

  • he will study the promise to purchase completed by your real estate broker;
  • he will guarantee you that the title of the property which you are about to acquire is incontestable;
  • he will verify the certificate of location, property tax records, mortgage deeds, easements and declarations of ownership;
  • it will determine adjustments based on the agreement reached.

If you are the buyer, it is usually up to you to choose the notary. You can consult the site of the Chambre des notaires du Québec to ensure that your notary is registered. Your real estate broker can also help you make an informed choice.