Why deal with a real estate broker?

Whether you’re looking to purchase a warehouse, a shopping centre or an income property, you want to maximize the return on your investment. Do it the right way by consulting a real estate broker.

A skilled professionnal

The commercial real estate broker is a professional with the experience and skills required to assist you in buyingselling or renting commercial buildings, warehouses, offices or land for commercial or industrial use.

By dealing with a commercial real estate broker, you:

  • gain access to a vast network of experts;
  • simplify the administrative, financial and legal processes;
  • maximize the return on your investment;
  • have more time to spend on your business activities.

The broker is at the heart of the real estate process, acting as the intermediary who coordinates the work of the various professionals involved in the transaction, including the tax specialist, accountant, lawyer, notary, appraiser, engineer, environmental consultant, and so on.

Get the most from your investment by turning to a qualified professional!


An expert specialized in the field

The real estate broker has extensive knowledge of finance and is fully versed in the values of commercial properties. Did you know that brokers must take an entrance exam before obtaining a licence to practice? In addition, they have access to a wide variety of continuing education activities through the OACIQ and must undergo mandatory training when the Organization requires it. You can therefore rest assured that they have all the credentials required to make your plans a reality.